Sharat is an established author, a trainer on the topic of leadership and sales. He is rated among the best motivational speakers in India. His book “The One Invisible Code” is sold in over 70 countries.

In the past decade and a half, Sharat had the privilege of serving numerous organizations, and individuals through his high-impact workshops, motivational talks, and one-to-one coaching. Some of his clients are Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, Start-ups and working professionals. As a top inspirational speaker in India, Sharat enables organizations and individuals to unlock their potential and builds their confidence with simple and neuro-science-based solutions.

Sharat often is acknowledged for his magnetic presence on stage which promises to spark enthusiasm, boost morale, and ignite a fire for success within every individual present.



In The End, We Are All Stories

At the age of 20, I embarked on my entrepreneurial adventure by starting a food catering business. This was while I was pursuing my graduation. Soon after, I ventured into the world of fast-food centers. As the first entrepreneur in my family, I encountered my fair share of failures, but it was these experiences that taught me invaluable lessons about entrepreneurship.

After running these businesses for a little over 3 years, I decided to step into the corporate world. For over 7 years, I worked with two major corporations, honing my understanding of people and business dynamics.

In 2013, I finally took the leap to follow my dreams and began my full-time entrepreneurial journey. In the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of serving numerous organizations, including prestigious Fortune 500 companies.

My expertise lies in offering simplified solutions to complex leadership and sales challenges that organizations commonly face. I provide customized high-impact workshops, and coaching services to MSMEs and Large Corporations.

I am invited to be a motivational speaker for corporate events like leadership offsites, strategy meets, sales summits, team-building retreats, and product launches. This has earned me the reputation of being the “top Inspirational speaker in India”.

I am fueled by the mission to help individuals unlock their potential and achieve greatness in how they live, lead, and connect with others.

You can find my insights and contributions on various platforms, such as, People Matters, and other authoritative websites.

Let your transformative journey of achieving extraordinary success start today. Let’s ignite the sparks of greatness together!

My First Book

Dedicated To The Dreamer In You

Every inspiring story has three things in common: A Dreamer, his Struggles & his Victory. This book is the story of a dreamer – Joy, a young and successful corporate leader. One day, Joy’s life turns upside down. He goes from having a successful career to nothing in the blink of an eye. This event turns his aspirations into anger, anxiety, frustration, and self-doubt until he finds his mentor and discovers “THE ONE INVISIBLE CODE”

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