Learn Powerful Strategies To Multiply Your Sales & Grow More Profits

Accelerate your sales and take your profits to next level with The Next Level Selling Workshop

Are you struggling to close more sales and generate bigger revenue?

Are you finding it difficult to negotiate better deals with your customers?

Are you facing challenges while handling customer objections?

Are you unable to have your sales pipeline filled with quality leads?

At The NEXT LEVEL SELLING workshop, you will find solutions to all these challenges and more.

Know More About The Workshop

Sales is the heart-beat of every organization. It can make or break a business. A good salesman can fuel life into a business and determine overall success of a business. The Next Level Selling workshop is a powerfully designed workshop is for people who are looking to excel in their sales career. This workshop is designed to enable you with practical and hands-on strategies to excel in selling.

This is unlike other sales motivational workshops. This workshop provides you with practical and proven strategies to sales professionals like you. The workshop empowers you with powerful thinking patterns and transforms the way you sell. During The Next Level Selling workshop, you will learn the skills to prospect better, present with confidence, negotiate without hesitation, handle objections with ease, and a lot more. By the end of the workshop you will gain insights on how to win more customers and strengthen your selling power in any market.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand and eliminate common pitfalls/ mistakes while selling
  • Overcome the barriers that minimizes your confidence
  • Empower yourself with building a sales achievers mindset
  • Understand the various stages of selling
  • Understanding your customer’s mindset
  • Understand types of customer needs
  • Understand and build a sales cycle that wins
  • Master powerful prospecting strategies to win more customers
  • Learn and master handling objections like a pro
  • Step-By-Step methods and techniques to negotiate
  • Handling Difficult sales
  • Tips and strategies to close more sales
  • Seeking referrals – Strategy to grow more sales
  • Action Planning


With The Next Level Selling workshop, you can achieve all of these and more

Who is this workshop for?

Sales Working Professionals

As an sales professional, learn to sell with confidence and grow in your career rapidly

Business Owners

As a business owner, learn to build powerful strategies to grow your sales and win more customers

Job Seekers

As a Job seeker, enhance your ability to sell with confidence, building right sales mindset and attract better job opportunities

Meet The Mentor

Sharat Sharma is an author, speaker and a coach. In the past decade and a half, Sharat had the privilege of serving numerous organizations, and individuals through high-impact workshops, motivational talks, and coaching. Some of the clients are Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, and Start-ups. As one of the best leadership trainer in India, Sharat enables organizations and individuals to unlock their full potential with simple and neuro-science-based solutions.


Why Attend

Expand Your Network

It is said that your network is equals to your networth. We believe it’s true. Your network can accelerate your learning and open new opportunities.

Fun and Deep Learning

Learn and indulge in transformative learning and all of these while you are having fun.

High Impact Transformative Tools

A real change is felt beyond the classroom and our transformative tools guarantee you that change stays with you wherever you go.