Sharat has a proven track record of helping individuals and organizations in unlocking their leadership potential and achieve remarkable sales growth. His constant endeavor to support his clients at the highest level has earned him the wide recognition as a best leadership and sales trainer.

Sharat’s workshops act as a powerful agent of change. His approach is deeply rooted in an understanding of human behavior, neuroscience, and practical strategies. His workshops offer a secure space for self-reflection, personal growth, and exploration of one’s true potential. All his workshops transcend traditional training sessions by focusing on holistic development. Through a combination of practical exercises, thought-provoking discussions, and powerful visualization techniques, Sharat equips participants with the tools and techniques necessary for their overall personal and professional growth.

With years of experience in sales and leadership and his unique training style, Sharat has earned the trust of over 150 organizations and numerous individuals.

Here is what Sharat Says:

My workshops are designed to engage, empower, and energize your teams to scale their overall performance and deliver optimal results.In my experience of working as an employee and an employer, I have gained a significant understanding of the challenges an employee, a team and business units face time and again. While facilitating workshops, I create a safe environment for the participants to introspect, discover, share and internalize their learning. This helps everyone to work towards a common goal of the organization.

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Glimpse into My Workshops

All The Workshops I Deliver Have

High Energy

High Energy

Engaging Content

Engaging Content

Introspection Exercises

Introspection Exercises

Actionable Ideas

Actionable Ideas

My Signature Workshops

My Signature Workshops

Confident Communicator

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Introducing Confident Communicator, a powerfully designed workshop tailored for aspiring leaders and new managers, or anyone looking to accelerate their career goals and enhance their personal lives.

Speak With Impact

Speak With Impact is the ultimate program designed for corporate professionals and leaders who want to ACE their public speaking skills. Our program is carefully designed to help you become a confident and captivating speaker.

Productivity ON Purpose

During our workshop you will learn powerful 8 pillars framework to drives productivity on purpose. You will be equipped with the mindset and strategies necessary to drive better results in your career and personal life.

The Next Level Selling

Sales is the heart-beat of every organization. It can make or break a business. A good salesman can fuel life into a business & determine overall success of a business. This is designed to enable you with practical & hands-on strategies to excel in selling.

The Nextlevel Leadership

Our intensive workshop program is specifically designed for leaders like you. During the workshop we enable you to expand your self-awareness, develop emotional and social intelligence and other essential skills to lead with impact.

Multiplier Mindset

Success is 80% mindset and 20% other things. A right mindset can multiply your results and help you achieve all the great things that you deserve and not having the right mindset can result in over thinking, procrastination, self-doubt and more.

Topics Of My Workshop



Empowering You to Create Lasting Results

At the heart of what I do is design and deliver customized workshops that solve specific customer problems and help customers reach their full potential. I use our 3D approach to design the customized workshop for you.

Neuroscience Backed Content

Each program is backed by neuroscience and designed to maximize your results

You Get What You Need

I invest time in customizing the offering so that you experience a visible impact

Memorable, Educating, Entertaining & Transformational

Every session MEETs your expectations with my unique approach to transform


My Approach of Delivering a Workshop

My approach is to lead the participants into identifying their performance roadblocks and then build an action plan that enables them to scale their performance to the next level.

I do this using Orbit Of Mastery ™, a simple and unique method which uses conversations, assessments, self-reflecting exercises, and anecdotes that helps participants’ breakthrough all the resistance and accelerate towards results.

Benefits of Attending a Transformative
Workshop with Sharat Sharma

Self-Exploration and Personal Growth

Sharat’s workshops provide a dedicated space for self-reflection and personal growth. Guided exercises and discussions lead to a deeper understanding of oneself, desires, and potential.

Enhanced Self-Awareness

By exploring the inner world and uncovering beliefs and values, participants develop greater self-awareness. This empowers them to make more conscious choices aligned with their true desires.

Breakthroughs and Transformations

Many workshop participants report experiencing breakthroughs and transformations. By challenging limiting beliefs and exploring new possibilities, individuals break free from self-imposed limitations and step into their greatness.

Practical Tools and Techniques

Sharat provides practical tools and techniques applicable to various life aspects. Whether it’s improving communication skills, enhancing leadership abilities, or navigating relationships, attendees leave with actionable strategies for growth.

Supportive Community

Participating in Sharat’s workshops connects you with like-minded individuals also on a journey of personal growth. This supportive community offers inspiration, accountability, and ongoing support beyond the workshop.

Lasting Impact

Lessons and insights from Sharat’s workshops have a lasting impact. Many participants continue to experience growth and positive changes long after the workshop concludes.

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